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PTA and Teacher Wishlists

The PTA often hears from parents, grandparents, guardians and other community supporters that it would be great to be able to provide needed supplies directly to the PTA or to the teachers of Stonebrae. Well, with the ease of internet shopping, we can absolutely make that happen! The Wishlists below have been created for your convenience - if you don't see your teacher listed, ask them to create one!

Stonebrae PTA Wishlist

Stonebrae PTA would like to give families the option of donating needed items directly to the PTA, teachers, and school. Thank you in advance for your consideration!


Mrs. Sprugasci RM. 27

Mrs. Sprugasci is a 3rd Grade Teacher with a passion for teaching! Help her fill her classroom with her wishlist items.


Ms. Wendy Xu RM 6

Ms. Wendy Xu is a 1st Grade Teacher who loves to watch all of the students she teaches learn and grow.

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