PTA Reimbursement forms

Reimbursement For PTA Funds


1. Complete Form (Date, Payee, Delivery Method & Address, Event/Program, Email Address,
Description of Expense, Total Expense).
2. Attach receipts, highlight relevant reimbursement items and verify that the amount matches the
total requested on the form.
3. Make copies of all receipts and this form for your records.
4. Place in the Treasurers Box in the Copy room in the office or email the PTA Treasurer @ the PDF file with scanned receipts.

Please email the PTA President Shaquisha Odusoga as soon as you have submitted your receipts.  This will help with the process time.


If you have already purchased the items.  Please fill out the form below and attach the invoice and/or receipts to form.

PaymentAuthorizationRequestForDisbursement_fillable form

If you would like to purchase an item or need payment for an invoice, please fill out the form below.  All receipts and/or invoices must be submitted 2 weeks after the Advancement has been approved and you have received the funds.