Funds for Excellence


The easiest way to support our school and get our fundraising year off to a good start is to contribute to our Fund for Excellence.  The PTA spends an average of $50 – 100 per student each year. Our programs, activities and school gifts each year would not be possible without the monetary support of our parents.

We ask that you donate $0.25 per day ($45) per child,  but any amount is appreciated.  You can pay by credit/debit card by using Totem PTA online donation (click the link below)  or check (payable to Stonebrae PTA) at Jump-Start Day or drop your donation check anytime in the PTA inbox located in the school office.

If you prefer to donate online, please use the link below.  Stonebrae PTA Fund For Excellence donations and PTA membership are 100% tax deductible.

Stonebrae Elementary PTA – Tax ID: 56 -2608881

Please note:

  • If you pay online there is a $1.00 convenience fee for paying your PTA membership.
  • If you make a donation there will be another charge of 5% of the total donated amount.


Donated Amount

  • $20.00 – Charge 5% $1.   Stonebrae recieves $19.00
  • $50.00 – Charge 5% $2.50  Stonebrae recieves $47.50
  • $100  – Charge 5% $5.00  Stonebrae recieves $95.00


Employer Matching Rewards

Many companies offer corporate grants to schools in one of the following forms:

  • Donations of money matching a donation given by their employee or employee’s spouse
  • Donations of equipment or supplies matching the value of a monetary donation given by their employee or employee’s spouse.
  • Donations of money or equipment based on numbers of hours volunteered at the school by an employee or spouse.

A large number of companies participate in this program that can potentially double the amount of your monetary donation!  Please contact your Human Resource Department for further details.

A partial list of companies that participate in this program can be downloaded and viewed by clicking on this link Companies Match List If you don’t find your company here, we encourage you to solicit their participation on our behalf.

PLEASE NOTE:  When registering our school for this program, please use our complete name as follows:

PTA California, Stonebrae Elementary School PTA, 28761 Hayward Blvd, Hayward, CA 94542